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August 2013

Redwood Glen

"To Reflect Christ through Serving Others"



According to the Corporation for National and Community Service web site, volunteering in America was up in 2011 and looks promising for the near future.  


Some quick statistics look like this:


* In 2011, the number of volunteers reached its highest level in five years, as 64.3 million Americans volunteered through an organization, an increase of 1.5 million from 2010.


* Americans volunteered a total of almost 8 billion hours, an estimated economic value of roughly $171 billion. 


* A majority of Americans assisted their neighbors in some way and more than a third actively participated in a civic, religious, or school group.


* Americans overwhelmingly  

volunteered in schools or with other youth organizations, working to advance the lives of young people.

* Nearly three out of five volunteers aged 25-54 are parents to children who are under 18. These parents volunteered well above the national average, focusing on helping fill local needs while also serving as role models and showing their children that community involvement is a critical choice and habit. 


Redwood Glen's summer program camps have ended for 2013 and the proof is in the pudding.

(Our Program Staff team is pictured below - Carly, Carina, and Matt)   


We had 90 volunteer directors and counselors give freely of their time to lead children through five very successful summer camp sessions.  


It was a wonderful experience for the campers as they spent each day having fun, trying new activities, meeting new friends and learning respect for themselves and others.  


In addition to all the activities they participated in, the volunteers worked with the young people to help them encounter Christ through their faith in action.  


The 175 campers who attended our summer camps all had a great experience and that is wonderful.  But just as important is the fact that many came to know Christ for the first time or rededicated their lives to follow the Christian walk.


We wish to say thank you to all those who gave so generously of their time and talents to make our summer programs a success.

We appreciate your willingness to make a difference in the life of a child and your enthusiasm in sharing your faith with our campers.
(YMAD staff pictured below)


For those of you who are considering volunteering at Redwood Glen, here are some ways you can share:  


* Start planning for next year's summer program camps. (Needed: directors, counselors, nurses, etc.)

We still have some slots on our board of directors for volunteers.


* Get a group or come alone to our next annual volunteer Work Day scheduled for Saturday, May 31, 2014.


* If you have some free time, we can use volunteers almost any time you are available.


Not sure you are able to help? Remember
this quote from Martin Luther King Jr.:
 "Everyone can be great because everyone can serve."


See you at camp.  



Michael Socia

Executive Director

(650) 879-0320 ext 12


Redwood Glen 
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WELCOME to the monthly online newsletter of Redwood Glen, your local Bay Area Christian Camp and Conference Center.  If you would like to subscribe and receive this monthly newsletter via email, please register your address via the link on our Redwood Glen homepage  (   THANKS!

It has been a great summer thanks to a wonderful summer staff (see below for introductions).  As we prepare for the fall, we hope you will join us for a BIG 55th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION on October 5th.  We also launch our Rooted for Renewal Capital Campaign, and new programs for adults.  More information is below.  We appreciate your partnership and hope to see you soon at Redwood Glen. 

ROOTED FOR RENEWAL: Celebrating 55 years
by Bev Lenihan, CFRE, Consultant, Rooted for Renewal Campaign

When was the last time you felt really grounded? Really planted? Knowing who you are, why you are on this earth, and that you were cared for - no matter what? From what our campers and guest groups tell us, there is a good chance that feeling came while here at Redwood Glen.

Redwood Glen is a place to feel rooted in God's love. It is a place to be renewed. It is a place for renewal.

In 2013, Redwood Glen joyfully celebrates 55 years of providing Christian camping and conferences to thousands throughout California, and beyond. It is a time to rejoice.


To mark this momentous phase in Redwood Glen's growth, two significant activities are happening: (1) a Celebration Banquet October 5th and (2) our Rooted for Renewal Capital Campaign.
Mark your calendars now for our all-family Celebration Banquet. We will gather as family at Santa Clara First Baptist Church at 5pm for a meal, entertainment and a time of fellowship, and conclude at 7:30pm. Many of our long-time campers and past leadership are attending. We hope that you will make plans to join us for this joyous gathering.  More information here.

The Board of Directors and Executive Director, Mike Socia, desire to have Redwood Glen grow and be sustainable far into the future. To that end, they have embarked on a capital campaign, Rooted for Renewal.

The campaign will run from 2013 through 2016. The realization of the $2 million dollar goal will enable Redwood Glen to make short and longer-term renovations to keep the buildings and grounds in good and safe condition. The private loan to purchase Redwood Glen from the American Baptist Churches of the West in 2005 will be fully repaid by December 31, 2017 as its terms require.

Our campaign will bring renewal opportunities to Redwood Glen -- opportunities for new programs, opportunities to reach new groups, opportunities for our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to deepen their understanding of God, His world and their faith. 

We would ask your personal prayers for our Celebration Banquet and for our
Rooted for Renewal campaign. Please pray for what your response will be to our request for your support of the campaign. At the banquet, we will invite you to consider your commitment in supporting the future of Redwood Glen. Thank you and praise God.

Thanks for making this a great season

We've made it over our summer hump and are winding down to the home stretch.  It's been a busy season, but thanks to a wonderfully talented and gifted summer staff, we've navigated through all the transitions and served guests and campers 7 days a week for the past 2 months. 

As some have made the transition from our camp "family" to their families at home, we want to send out A GREAT BIG THANK YOU and to introduce some of our summer staff to you.

Carina Andrade -- a psychology major at Cal State University Monterey Bay, who served as our summer Rec Assistiant. Interests? "I love listening to Christian rap and watching and playing football.  One thing that I'm known for is being a silly person.  I love making people laugh."
Carly Grote -- interior design and dance student at Fresno State University, who served as summer Media Assistant. One of the biggest joys from camp growing up was receiving my picture CD and memory book. Getting to hand them out and having campers eager to see them was a highlight.
Crystal Collela -- a social work major at George Fox University in Oregon, who served as one of our lifeguards.  Why Redwood Glen?  "I love how powerful the presence of God is here and the people!  I was overjoyed that I was able to return this summer."

Francheska Vazquez -- a Certified Nurse Assistant from Worcester County, MA, who was our "Batman" in the kitchen. Highlight: "Hanging with Carina, listening to Danny (Balderas) talk about God in the redwoods. And the weather was not cold, not hot!  At home, it rains a lot and is really hot."

John Harrell -- from Santa Clara and soon to be a year-round Redwood Glen volunteer staff.  Why Redwood Glen?  "It is like my second home.  I love it here, doing God's work, getting more experience, hanging out with all the wonderful staff, going to the movies and the beach."
Joshua Coleman -- a student in Keystone, FL, who served as a lifeguard. Highlight: "Meeting new people and reconnecting with my cousin (Isaac) and great aunt and uncle (Ginny & Marshall)". Downside: "It's too freezing here!"
Karina Ortega -- a liberal studies student from Hartnell Community College in Salinas, who served three summers with housekeeping.  Why Redwood Glen? "This place is very relaxing and is the perfect place to have a break from the city, especially all of the noise."

Kathy Socia -- from East Brookfield, MA, and wife of Executive Director, Mike Socia, who worked with the Tradin' Post and Guest Services.  Highlight: "More responsibility this year in the office.  I booked 3 groups!"

Maria Jose Cruz Lorzano -- a teacher from Puebla, Mexico, who first served on summer staff in 2008 as an international student.  Why Redwood Glen?  "I love this place, but especially the people who work here."  She will return to Puebla to prepare for a master degree and continue her interests in music, bonsai, and making "talauera", a ceramic technique for bosai pots.

Matt Brown -- a 2013 grad from Calvary Bible College in Murrieta, CA, who served as summer Program Director. Highlight: "Seeing all the former campers come back as counselors/staff.  It is good to see people grow."
Micah Baits -- a history major at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington, who served on maintenance staff.  Highlight: "Being out in the woods and swimming in the creek after a run."


bonnieOn Saturday, July 13th, Redwood Glen dedicated the David M. Sato Nature Center located at "Stove Pipe Tree", the entrance to Indian Point.  Just weeks before his passing in 2008, David came to camp and described his vision for the Nature Center, which will now bear his name and honor his contributions in developing Indian Point and continuing our camping and outdoor ministries. On hand for the dedication was David's widow, Bonnie (pictured above in front of the display), his daughters, Lisa and Rhonda, and their families, including David's three grandsons. 

Building upon our ministry to children and youth through summer camps, Redwood Glen is beginning to offer CAMP PROGRAMMING FOR ADULTS with two upcoming events this season. 

larry 1. re-CREATION RETREAT (Saturday, October 12, 2013).  A re-CREATION RETREAT is a one day retreat designed to renew your relationship with God by recognizing the Creator through creation.  Rev. Larry Jay (pictured left), a doctoral student in ecological spirituality (and staff person at Redwood Glen), will introduce a spiritual discipline of lectio divina of nature to help you re-examine God's call as Christians to respond to the environmental challenges facing our planetary home today.  Download a brochure here for more information.

austiles2. MARRIAGE CONFERENCE: Friday, February 14 to Sunday, February 16, 2014.  In partnership with OneHeart Ministry, "Keeping Romance In Your Marriage" is an intimate weekend retreat which encourages couples on their journey, no matter what stage or phase.  Coordinated by Jesse and Althea Austile (pictured left), this is an amazing weekend which will cultivate a spirit of love, respect, and appreciation in your marriage.  Download a brochure here for more information.  Please note that space is limited so register today.

Redwood Glen has space availability on the following dates:
- Most weekdays (Monday through Friday during the school year)
- Fri-Sunday, Nov 15-17, 22-24, 29-Dec 1 
- Friday-Sunday, Dec 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 26-29
- Friday-Sunday, through the spring

Contact us
at for more information about these dates and others throughout 2014. 

With our
REFERRAL PROGRAM, you can save $250 off your next Redwood Glen event if you refer a group, which will also save $250 when they book a first-time event with us.  And during December and January, you can save with our "buy one night, get one free" discount.  Click here for details, email us, or call us at (650) 879-0320.

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