Siden Conference Center Dining

Located on the first floor of our Siden Conference Center, our Siden Dining Room provides guests restaurant-quality meals, which are served hotel-style and brought to your table by our friendly Food Service staff.

With table cloths, cloth napkins, and a full table setting, a Siden dinner typically consists of a green salad, fresh baked bread, vegetables, an entree, and a dessert, with water, juice, coffee, and tea. Special meals are available upon request for vegetarians, vegans, and those with special dietary restrictions or allergies. With a reputation for high quality, good variety, and excellent service, our food service staff strives to meet the requests of our guest groups. A Sunday Brunch (pictured right & below) is also available.

Seated around circular tables, our Conference Center Dining Room can accommodate approximately 55 guests. Meals at Smith Dining Hall are an option for groups lodging at Siden which are larger than 55 or on a more limited budget.

2018 Siden meals (price per person*)
Breakfast $14.50 - Lunch $16.50 - Dinner $19.00
Brunch $19.00 - Snack $7.00

* Prices do not reflect 8.75% CA meal tax for San Mateo County.