Siden Conference Center Meeting Room

The Siden Conference Room can comfortably seat 100 people in conference style. Though our Conference Center can only sleep 64 people, groups will often add camp facility options to accommodate more people, and create an alternative option for those on a tighter budget.

Through a wall of windows, a spectacular mountain view of redwoods creates the ideal get-away setting. A large stone fire place and coffee station with an abundant selection of teas bring added comforts for guests. A microwave, small refrigerator, sink, and long counter are also provided. A wall-to-ceiling pull-out accordion door can divide the room in half for smaller break-out groups.

A piano, podium, a basic sound system with two ceiling mounted speakers, music stands, and three microphones with stands are provided, along with a TV, DVD, overhead screen, dry erase wipe board, and markers. An ample supply of seminar-style tables are also available. Upon request, an overhead projector, a LCD projector, an AV cart, and flip chart paper with markers are provided.

A foosball table, ping pong table, reading nook, vending drink machine, ice machine, and phone are also available for the exclusive use of groups at the Conference Center.

If a group opts to have meals at Smith Dining Hall rather than Siden Dining Hall, the Siden Dining Room becomes available as an additional meeting room for groups that are housed at Siden Conference Center.

Click here for a downloadable floor plan of the Siden Conference Center.