16 Ways to Give Without Impacting Your Wallet

  1. Donation of a vehicle, tractor, or golf cart
  2. Donation of stocks
  3. Donation of bonds
  4. Convert vacation time into donation dollars
  5. Employer matching gifts
  6. Tithe of a windfall or inheritance
  7. Donation of real estate
  8. Employer community funds
  9. Over-valued insurance policies
  10. Company foundation partners
  11. Donation of services or goods
  12. Donation of jewelry, heirlooms
  13. Recruit three other giving units
  14. Donate credit card points
  15. Sign up with Amazon Smile, designating Redwood Glen as your preferred charity for a part of your Amazon purchase to be sent to Redwood Glen
  16. Donation of goods and services (i.e. tools, tires, compressors, generators)

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